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Home Safety Literacy Project Kit


The Home Safety Literacy Project Kit was developed by the Home Safety Council in collaboration with ProLiteracy and Fire Protection Publications at Oklahoma State University. The materials have been evaluated by fire safety educators and adult education experts, and have been field tested for effectiveness in adult literacy, ESL, and adult basic education instruction.

The materials in the Home Safety Literacy Project Kit can be downloaded below and can be used and shared with attribution to the Home Safety Council (2006). Please do not modify the materials in any way.

Community Leader's Guide

The Community Leader's Guide provides suggestions to help organizations team up to implement the Home Safety Literacy Project locally. The guide also includes tips for developing and maintaining effective partnerships among adult literacy and basic education programs and fire safety and emergency management organizations.

Download the Community Leader's Guide.

Teacher's Manual

The Teacher's Manual provides supportive information and instructional ideas for teachers and tutors who will use the kit with adult students one-to-one, in small groups, or in a classroom setting.

Download the Teacher's Manual

Four Illustrated Tip Sheets

Teachers and tutors can walk their students through illustrated discussion points with these tip sheets.

Have smoke alarms that work. English Spanish
Plan and practice a home fire drill. English Spanish
Have everything you will need in an emergency ready. English Spanish
Talk about disasters with your family. English Spanish

Reading Materials: Three topics Four reading levels!

The reading materials present three key safety concepts in four formats suitable for a broad range of adult learners.

Reader Topics

  • Smoke detectors save lives.
  • Escape plans help families get out of fires alive.
  • You can take steps to prepare for a disaster.

Reader Levels

  • Pictograms
  • A Readers
  • B Readers
  • Newspapers

Download the HSLP Kit reading materials.

HSLP Fire Safety Knowledge Assessments

Use the assessments to test students' comprehension of the Home Safety Literacy Project lesson material. Select the assessment that includes only the material you covered.

Smoke Alarms Only
English Spanish
Escape Plans Only
English Spanish
Smoke Alarms and Escape Plans
English Spanish
Smoke Alarms, Escape Plans, and Prevention
English Spanish